Yet another game! While I take a hiatus from rebuilding Foo Fighter in Typescript-JavaScript just didn’t have the structure I needed for a game of that complexity-I’m making this little HTML5 game using the Phaser game engine. Six Man Chess is a cross between Tic-Tac-Toe and Checkers. Historically it has been around for a while, know as Three Men’s Morris but surprisingly it is nonexistent in the digital world. It can be fun and mentally exhilarating or repetitive and slow like all great board games.

What this game needs to be finished is audio (the old audio files got corrupted in a freak git rm accident), new graphics and an AI. In the current version of the game you can only play against other people, just open a new tab to the game and you will be the second player but everything else works except for the options menu. I have not found meaningful options to populate it with. All in all it has been a fun side project, I enjoyed making the images with Gimp and Inkscape, as well as the programming side (to be honest I have made this game in one shape or another over four times now). Can’t wait to make the fished product!

BTW I realize the name is misleading but I could not think of a better one besides Six Men’s Chess which had one too many S’s in it. Three Men’s Morris was just too alien and I still don’t know what a Morris is. If anyone has a good name for this game let me know and I’ll put in the credits!