better than passport

bootstrap and jquery

flask on appengine

google search api, web scraping with Scrapy

Still under construction.

custom tumblr theme

bootstrap and jquery


css3 animations

Coming Soon!


phaser game engine

node.js on heroku

Initially this was all pure javascript but I switched to Phaser because it made integrating the sound and animations much easier. Fun fact, the QWERTY keyboard we all use is based off typewrite keyboards which were made to slow down typing to prevent key jams.

paul the tutor's education center

php mysql database

Coming Soon! I didn't make this site but I implemented the frontend and did some backend work.

six man chess

phaser game engine

node.js on heroku


A multiplayer board game built on Node.js using the Phaser game engine. All the game graphics are made by me using Inkscape and GIMP.

an overtime pay calculator

bootstrap and jquery

php on app engine


Originally this entire site was hosted on jsbin and everything was done on one js file, true story.

a cave exploration game


html5 canvas element to render game

I made two versions of this game, both using the canvas element to render the game but one using trignometry to draw the shadows, the other using just regular old rays. This is the one that uses rays, its slower...much slower in fact...but the shadows and lighting feel more real.

my site

bootstrap and jquery

wordpress on app engine

responsive and custom theme

This site was my first venture into WordPress and it was fruitful. The theme I made from scratch with the goal in mind of emphasizing images and mobile accessibility. Bootstrap helped a great deal with getting the basic infrastructure of the site down but most of the styles are my own. All in all this site is still a work in progress, specifically the portfolio page which I still experimenting on.