Over the months of August and September I was working as a contractor for a music television start up, Pulse Music Television. They have an office on Mission and 20th in San Francisco with a very relaxed and open atmosphere. They asked me to build a custom tumblr theme for their site. Although I have never made a custom tumblr theme or used tumblr up until I started working for them, I agreed. I did make this fact clear to them at the beginning of our relationship but customers get what customers want. So down the rabbit hole I went.

The first thing I discovered was tumblr was simpler, cleaner and easier than WordPress. You did not have to deal with mysql or php, everything was front end, they used a neat JavaScript powered template language and AJAX in place of a proper back end. Everything was JavaScript and CSS. However there was a major problem, tumblr does not have a desktop theme editor by default, you have to use their cramped online editor. Looking around fortunately I found that a few developers had created their own desktop theme editors having realized what a turn off that an online IDE is. I ended up using tumblrthemr to create this theme. Be advised tumblrthemr will screw up your blog during development, it will end up looking like a bunch of random text. Best practice is to use a dummy blog to create the theme and moving over all your posts to that blog. All in all everything worked well with tumblrthemr, you do have to run a local server because tumblrthemr uses JavaScript to access local files but it frees you to use any IDE you want.

Check out my tumblr and its creative theme (you will need to use the latest internet browsers to see the CSS3 animations, you also need to enable JavaScript to view the posts). The links in the navbar don’t work, I was instructed to make only a front page. Enjoy!

Geek Stuff about my tumblr:
platform: tumblr
externals: bootstrap and jquery
neat stuff: CSS3 animations (buttons on tv and subscribe form)